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What is Foodler? Foodler makes online ordering of take-out and delivery food from local restaurants quick and easy! Our fast-growing network of online restaurants in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Miami, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington offers a wide selection of menus and cuisines. From popular Chinese, Italian, American, and Mexican menus to exotic Thai, Spanish, and Brazilian – it can all be found on Foodler. Of course, we also have a large selection of everyone’s favorite sub and pizza restaurants.rnTo access our database of menus, simply enter your location on the Foodler home page and we’ll present you with a list of all the restaurants that offer delivery and take-out meals to your area. You can browse the complete menus of those restaurants, click on your selections, and send your order directly to the restaurant. It’s that simple!rnFoodler Gives You:rnEasy, intuitive, and free online ordering from restaurant menus. Read what others have said.rnComplete listings of restaurants that offer delivery and take-out in your area.rnAccurate prices, restaurant savings, and online coupons.rnA variety of menus including Chinese, Italian, Pizza, Mexican, Japanese, and Thai.rnExclusive restaurant ratings and satisfaction indexes.rnFoodler Lets Restaurants:rnAccept online orders within 24 hours of becoming a partnered restaurant.rnReach a whole new audience online and immediately increase take-out and delivery orders.rnReceive accurate and clear orders by fax, email, SMS, POS, or web console, freeing employees from taking phone orders.rnAvoid losing customers due to phone wait times, busy signals, or language barriers.rnPrint their own website address on menus, business cards, and promotional material.rnGet started right away.rnJoin the Online Ordering RevolutionrnIf you are a restaurant owner and want to start increasing your takeout and delivery business, join Foodler today. If you just want food, sign up here. To shar

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